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One of the coolest things about digital IR is rediscovering scenes that you’ve taken for granted or never given much thought to. I’ve driven past Pyramid Lake between Bakersfield and Los Angeles hundreds of times during the past 30 years, but never stopped to photograph it. I don’t like to shoot pictures that have been taken hundreds of thousands of times by other people, and I can guarantee this is the case for Pyramid and it’s wonderful view right along Interstate 5. How many people have snapped the scene from the passenger side window as they zoomed toward the southland? On this day, I loved the cloud formations and the stormy weather, so I drove off the interstate, took  a pretty short walk to hopefully get a vantage point a little different than what most see, and took this shot. Camera was my Canon EOS 20D converted to enhanced color 665nm, 20 mm Canon lens with a polarizer. I decided to bypass the color opportunities here and went with a black and white version.

Another scene that has always intrigued me is the Fairfax Grange, a small country dance hall on Bakersfield’s rural eastern edge. I am struck by how the grange seems to be in competition with the symbols of a city’s encroachment as it continues to grow and expand with seeming abandon. I imagine this little country grange, which once had this intersection all to itself, will soon be surrounded by new housing or industrial developments. I think the ability of IR to make dramatic statements, emphasizing the starkness of the scene, comes into play here, particularly in its rendering of the sky and clouds. Camera was the same Canon EOS 20D converted to 665nm enhanced color IR, but I opted for full black and white. Lens was a Canon 24-70mm f2.8L.


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